Risk Management

The life of a company inevitably passes by phases of potential or proven crisis. These phases must be controlled by virtue of a vigilance and action policy at the same time. KMIR Consultants assists you in the installation of a Risk Management policy in order to protect, in the long run, the human, financial, technical and commercial resources of your company….


To integrate the step
Risk Management

The step of risk management must support an anticipation intended to develop a prevention policy. It breaks up into 3 phases: identification, analysis and treatment. KMIR Consultants helps you to analyze the causes of the vulnerability of your company vis-a-vis the various external or internal factors. The objective: to anticipate, evaluate, categorize on a hierarchical basis, treat and capitalize.

Applying an operational and pragmatic methodology, KMIR Consultants intervenes at all levels: company, services, process or specific project. Therefore, we contribute, on a safe mode, to assess your entire resources and improve your competitiveness.


To combine strategic vision and operational vision

KMIR Consultants proposes to you the analysis and treatment of the two principal action levers, which are essential to your company:

  • New forms of organisation
  • New technologies of information and the communication